Coleman Buliding Company
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Colemans core business is New Build, Extension, Alteration and Refurbishment projects. A large quantity of our workload is now agreed by negotiation, rather than by conventional tendering, this is mainly due to customers being keen to acquire our approach and being assured by our fair in house surveying procedures. However, conventional competitive tendering is still largely considered.

Carried out as a ‘Design and Build’ agreement or built from details supplied by the clients chosen architect. We build very modern buildings and very traditional building, we can offer every field of expertise required to fulfil any construction detail requirement. We thrive on complicated construction details such as basement details, oak framing and high specification internal finishes.

This type of work always needs a craftsman with sympathy for the existing structure, whatever age a building is, it is essential that repair work and alterations is executed in a respectful way to best match in with the existing. With our experienced tradesmen you can have reassurance all work would be in safe hands. Our team are experienced in working on occupied homes and work tirelessly to keep the disruption to a minimum.

We frequently work with ‘East Hampshire’ and ‘Winchester City’ Conservation Departments who, with their experience of our work, regularly recommend our company for listed building projects in their area. We can liase directly with the Architect and Conservation Officer to discuss details and suggest methods to achieve the clients desire.

Property development is an area we intermittently involve ourselves in. Sometimes set up internally and sometimes we may enter a joint venture with another investor. If you have land for sale or wish to discuss a joint venture then please get in touch, we can run through the options and share our experience.

When engaged on a project management or design and build basis, we can coordinate everything from site acquisition and planning to technical detailing and construction through to hand over if required. In our experience, it has been very beneficial to have the opportunity to suggest construction related ideas and solutions before a scheme becomes developed in too much depth. Having the ability to eliminate future issues obviously results in a project running smoother and avoids unnecessary additional costs. Also in the event that additional detail is required, managing the production of this detail is first hand and faster, cutting potential delay to a minimum. We are happy to deal with all consultants such as Architects, Structural Engineers, Ecological Consultants, Energy Consultants, Renewable Energy Consultant , Planning Department and Building Control etc.

We can direct companies or individuals interested in reducing their environmental carbon footprint and energy costs. With properly designed solutions everyone can save money and reduce the amount of damaging greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere. These gases are the main contributor to global warming. The good news is that these savings, both financial and environmental, are achieved at the same time. Coleman's can coordinate the specifying, installing and commissioning of sustainable solutions and cost justifiable heating and energy systems. We can implement all types of sustainable energy systems including Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP), Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) – Biomass Heating Systems, Wind Turbines (wind power), Solar Thermal Panels (water heating), Photovoltaic (PV) Electric and Micro Hydro. These systems can work with both under floor heating and conventional radiator systems. We can also direct you on the specification of refurbishment or new build projects to incorporate the greenest materials available and the levels of insulation required to deliver your aspirations for any scheme. We can provide a complete solution to your needs including design, implementation and commission including all groundwork and installation requirements.